Mobile Food Truck

Vintage Horse-box Hire

Meet 'DARCEY' - Our sexy vintage mobile food truck. From Ashford Castle to 'bouncy castle', it won't look out of place!

Hire essentials

Ireland's hippest vintage horse-box
Full day from  € 995 inc vat Half day from € 525 inc vat
  • Full day includes 6 hrs food service.
  • Half day includes 3 hrs food service.
  • Includes x 2 service staff (for some events additional staff will be required at an additional rate)
  • Minimum catering orders apply.
  • Travel within 40km of Cork City included (Additional travel charges may apply).
  • Includes external extendable shelter/canopy.
  • Includes festoon lighting, bunting and ambient lights.
  • Additional furniture, bar counters and more can be arranged (Additional charges apply).
  • Includes compostable/bio-degradable tableware (plates, spoons cups etc).
  • Electrical hook-up is required.
  • Adequate vehicle access required (3.5 metre height clearance required).
  • Requires minimum 5m x 5m service space.
  • 9m x 12m stretch tent (seats up to 70, 100 standing) also available for hire (Additional charges apply).

Legendary pizza party

Hand made, flame baked sourdough pizza
Starting at € 9 per pizza
  • Treat your employees to some 'real' pizza for a change!
  • Have a more casual birthday celebration or family event - you know its what they really want!
  • A unique alternative meal option for a small wedding with an attitude.
  • Minimum orders of 24 pizzas for 3 hour service and 48 pizzas for 6 hour services apply.
  • Our pizzas are 10-11 inch diameter approximately.
  • Our dough is made using natural yeast (wild sourdough) and is fermented for a minimum of 72 hrs for superior flavour and better digestion.
  • We use a specially imported high quality, high protein flour from Italy.
  • We have gluten free dough and ancient grains mix (super flavour) as options (additional charges apply).
  • We make ALL of our sauces and dressings from scratch.
  • We use ingredients freshly picked from our own farm where possible.
  • Our tomato sauce is freshly made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients.
  • We have a wide range of pizza menu options that are constantly changing with the seasons.
  • We can make and serve a maximum 20-30 pizzas per service hour.

Ice-cream o'clock

Because You're worth it!
Starting at €2 per portion
  • Suitable for a corporate summer treat!
  • Have an energy boosting treat at a wedding ceremony location.
  • Surprise the kids with their favourites as a special treat.
  • Minimum orders apply (50 sundaes or equivalent for 3 hour service)
  • We use whole milk luxury ice-cream from Co. Wexford.
  • Choose from several ice-cream flavours (1 scoop €2, 2 scoops €3.50)
  • Luxury waffle cones and gluten free cones available (additional charges apply)
  • Dairy free ice-cream available (additional charges apply)
  • Gourmet espresso based coffees, artisan teas and hot chocolate available (starting at €2 per portion)
  • Choose from our delicious sundaes (starting at €4.50 per portion), using seasonal ingredients and freshly made toppings and sauces
  • Enjoy our unique sourdough waffles with ice-cream (starting at €4.50 per portion)? Freshly made and delicious!
  • Delicious tray bakes including favourites like brownies, rocky road and many more starting at €2.50 per portion.

More options

Don't see what you really want?
Your event, your way!
  • We can arrange different food service options to meet your needs.
  • We can set up as a Gin or Prosecco bar (additional charges may apply)
  • We can serve gourmet espresso based coffees, hot chocolate and artisan tea's (starting at €2 per portion).
  • Choose, from hearty comfort food, BBQ, street food, 'the morning after', plant based & gut/brain healthy options.
  • Select from breakfast, lunch or evening style menu items.
  • We are open to bespoke menu designs to suit your event, just pop some detail into your booking enquiry.

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