The Seven Heads Lavender Farm

Our Products

Lavender Products

Fresh and dried Lavender, Lavender Honey
Via our new webshop opening late summer 2021
  • Dried Culinary Lavender
  • Dried Cosmetic Lavender
  • Fresh Lavender bunches
  • Lavender Honey (Late 2022)

Cold Pressed Juice

Freshly picked and hand pressed fruit and vegetables
Launching 2022
  • Fortified Beets
  • Apples & Pears
  • Berries

Ferments & Preserves

Nutritious and tasty, for better gut health
Launching 2022
  • Milk Kefir drinks
  • Flavoured Water Kefir
  • Sauerkrauts
  • 'Kickin' Kimchi

Veggie Boxes

Seasonal and locally grown, chemical free
Launching 2022
  • Juicing Box
  • Nitrate Power Box
  • Gut Friendly Box
  • Gourmet Seasonal Box